Psychoterapy - Somatic Psychology

Gestalt Psychoterapy

Why do I feel so dissatisfied with my life? Why do the same patterns and problems seem to repeat themselves in so many of my relationships? Why do I seek refuge in objects, food, alcohol, drugs, or other unhealthy pursuits?

Developing awareness is essential for living a more satisfying and fulfilling life. Awareness of unexamined patters - mental and behavioral - and how they align, or don’t, with our needs. These are often muddled, either from years of repression or because we've spent so trying to please others for the wrong reasons, that we are not aware of ourselves. Habits appear which may block us, further hindering our enjoyment of life. Bored, we seek satisfaction in empty diversions.

With effective, compassionate psychotherapy, mindfulness grows, the patters become and we can then choose how to keep them or let them go. This allows us to see that we have choices we were not aware of before.

Counceling differs from psychotherapy, as is apparent from the word itself... the role of the councelor is to advise and guide, rather than to walk with and co-discover, as in therapy. Counceling is helpful when we are dealing with a specific problem. The knowledge and experience of the councelor can help us deal with the situation in new and creative ways.

If you would like to talk about all this, please book and appointment with Anetta Alexandridi at +30 693 2565 097.
Anetta was raised in the United States and is fully bilingual in Greek and English.

Psychology in Yoga

This class is an inspiring and innovative synthesis of neuroscience and neurobiology combined with traditional Hatha Yoga techniques.

How do emotions arise? In what way are they expressed in the body? Where are they stored in the body? How does the brain work? How can I relieve the body?

These are some of the questions that will be approached in our weekly group sessions. We will cultivate emotional awareness and identify the expression and emotional imprint of emotions on the body. We will re-educate our perspective on emotions and learn ways to manage them through body, breath and meditation practices.

The first part of the session is a the discussion and exploration of an emotion (how an emotion arises, neurobiological background, the expression and the imprint on the body, where it is stored in the body). A short discussion follows and then we move on to the practices: asana, breathing and meditation, all related to and based on the discussion of the first part.

In that way, it is the experiences and needs of each team member that define the practice!

Systemic Counceling

According to the Theory of Systems, family is the first system into which humans are introduced. The role attributed to them is reproduced in adult life in all their relationships. We are biologically programmed to relate and co-regulate. We develop self-protection and communication patterns. Many times, however, when grown-up we realise that these patterns no longer serve us.

Systemic counselling is practiced in private hourly sessions. It is a short - term (5-10 sessions) service during which specific requests, concerning professional, personal or social life, are addressed. It could also serve as an introduction for anyone who wishes to undergo long term therapy in the future, but presently needs to find answers to pressing matters in the here-and-now.

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact Despina Boutos at +30 697 4737 545.
Despina has spent many months travelling and studying outside of Greece, she is fully fluent in Greek and English.

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